Weight Loss

America is home to the most obese people in the world. According to the CDC, approximately 33% of adults are overweight and obesity related deaths have climbed to 300,000 per year. Obesity rates are soaring in our children as well. We believe that healthy weight loss, i.e. loss of fat while conserving muscle, is essential to Anti-aging and Longevity Therapies. 

Excess weight has a tendency to creep up on us. It’s important to remember that obesity is much more than a cosmetic issue. If you’re carrying extra pounds, you’re walking a dangerous tightrope towards heart disease, diabetes, and myriad other health problems. 

While most any diet can take off a few pounds over the short term, the weight invariably comes back as we return to our “normal” lifestyles—90 percent of those who lose weight regain it within five years. As a result, they may end up in a cycle of chronic or “yo-yo” dieting, which slows down metabolism and makes weight control all the more difficult.

Weight gain is almost always a consequence of poor eating habits and too little exercise, and we acknowledge the role of therapeutic lifestyle changes in weight management. 

We want to stress the importance of weight loss as a medical therapy that can:

  • lower blood pressure
  • control blood sugar
  • relieve pain in arthritic joints
  • improve the course of medical conditions

After all, it’s easier to pull out the prescription pad than to take the time to guide patients through the necessary lifestyle changes. Underlying medical conditions may contribute to weight gain and make it difficult to lose the pounds. 

Our Integrative Approach  

Obesity is a significant factor in dozens of diseases. Therefore, resistance to weight loss is a factor that is examined at  NewLife Medicine, and we treat it very seriously. 

We begin by testing for undiscovered health problems that may have made it difficult for you to lose weight in the past. 

Let us help YOU!