Why Choose Functional Medicine?


Treats The Root Cause

Functional medicine aims to treat the root cause of diseases.  This is one of the main reasons why functional medicine is a solution for chronic illnesses. Functional medicine physicians and staff interview the patient about their personal history and lifestyle choices. The practitioner utilizes specialized lab testing that is more advanced than the standard testing to guide them in finding out the cause of the disease. Functional medicine treats the whole body and not just the symptoms. This allows the practitioner to offer treatment options based on an individual’s personal genetics and outside influences.

Patient-Centered Healing Approach

Functional medicine is a patient-oriented healing process. This branch of medicine acknowledges the fact that all individuals are unique from a genetic, chemical, and biological makeup. This is why the treatment plan varies greatly from one person to another. Functional medicine is based on the principle that the human body has a dynamic self-regulation capability. The body can restore balance between all the body systems; sometimes, it just needs help.

Meets Patients’ Unique Needs

Functional medicine brings the patient and the medical practitioner together. Each aspect of the patient’s life is discussed in detail, including the history, genetic profile, and lifestyle factors. This helps the practitioner investigate root causes of the disease using scientific principles and advanced lab tests. Every patient has unique hormonal, metabolic, and nutritional composition that should be considered when developing a holistic healthcare treatment plan. Although the symptoms of different patients may be the same, the treatment options may differ since every patient has a different medical history and laboratory test reports.

Integrates the Best Medical Practices

Functional medicine brings together western conventional medical practices, and alternative healthcare advances using evidence based medicine. The practitioner uses the latest laboratory testing techniques, supplements, and prevention techniques such as nutrition, lifestyle changes, exercise programs, yoga, detoxification programs and therapeutic diets. These techniques assist in targeting the root cause of the disease and treating the whole body, resulting in the patient being in a healthier state of well-being.

How Can We Help You at NewLife Medicine?

There are many conditions that can be kept under control or even reversed with the help of functional medicine, such as fibromyalgia, fatigue, chronic pain, diabetes, obesity, arthralgia, thyroid problems, etc.  All these conditions have deep roots nestled in the human body. Conventional medicine typically treats the signs and symptoms. With functional medicine, the underlying imbalance or dysfunction of the body is addressed, thus achieving long-term relief. Functional medicine can be used to alleviate or to control a wide array of chronic conditions that may otherwise require extensive, expensive and potentially dangerous long term treatments. The purpose of this approach is to find the cause of the problem and treat it accordingly, thus preventing it from reoccurring.

How Does It Work?

Functional medicine physicians follow a well-designed treatment plan.  First, they take your history and emphasize on the slightest details, as they are often the key to the underlying imbalances. The diagnosis process also involves a thorough, in-depth physical examination that includes some traditional medicine principles that are rarely used nowadays, in spite of being highly efficient.

What to Expect During Your Visit with A Functional Medicine Physician

Since functional medicine physician’s focuses on the entire body and the effects of lifestyle choices, genetics and the environment, your initial visit would be at least 60 minutes. During this time, every aspect of your family history, diet and exercise will be discussed. You will also be asked about any medications and supplements you take on a regular basis. A thorough physical exam will be performed as well as laboratory testing, if recommended or needed.

Subsequent visits are generally shorter and designed to provide the doctor a chance to find out how any recommended changes are affecting your condition. Additionally, lab tests may be ordered to check the progress of your health.

Are You Ready to Begin the Road to Your Wellness?

Wellness is a balanced synchrony of body, mind, and soul. Are you ready to take a step closer to a New Life of being healthy and well? Are you ready for a personalized approach that fits your needs? Our clinic can offer proven techniques to help your body heal and maintain its health for years to come.