Surgery Preparation Plan

Have you ever wondered if there are steps to prepare your body and mind before an elective surgery? Have you ever been directed to optimize your elective surgery outcomes both in pain, function, inflammation, and stress? Implementing a targeted life-style and dietary changes along with crucial medical nutrient supplementation can reduce surgical risk, improve and/or shorten recovery time and wound healing, and allow you to return to an improved function. This plan is designed to start before the surgery begins (at least 1 month prior surgery) in order to prepare you for the stress your body will undergo during and after surgery. Also, you will be able to continue the plan postoperatively, which will be important in your recovery period and beyond. And you may even want to continue the lifestyle changes you made during this stressful time. If you are looking for guidance and want to prepare your body and mind to withstand the demands of surgery, this may be the perfect solution. Here is what’s included:

  • Consultation with Dr. Samara
  • Consultation with holistic nutrition and lifestyle coach for a nutritional and lifestyle evaluation to devise a personal plan that is based on your unique needs
  • Laboratory evaluation with standard preoperative nutrient specific labs
  • Medical grade nutraceutical supplements are included in your plan based on your specific needs.