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COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Finger-prick Blood Spot Home Testing

  • We know this is a scary and uncertain event with the COVID-19 virus and we want to do our part to help with the uncertainties.  We have decided to partner with a diagnostic lab that has developed a novel test for the Novel COVID-19.  This test is a highly sensitive and accurate finger-prick dried-blood assay for COVID-19 viral antibodies.   Antibodies have been found to be a highly sensitive biomarkers in infectious disease diagnosis. Studies in China, the country of origin, have shown that antibody tests have 100% sensitivity in COVID-19 disease population.​
  • To make this test available to our existing patients and to people in Oklahoma, we will start seeing patients through virtual telehealth for those that may have symptoms, possibly been exposed to someone that is ill, or those that want to find out if they’ve possibly already had the virus.  
  • The test will be shipped directly to your home and done by you with a little finger-prick of blood. After you have completed the finger-prick test you will place in a Fed-ex packet that will be provided. You can drop off at a Fed-ex drop off or call Fed-ex to pickup from your home.   This prevents the possibilities of spreading the virus if you do have virus.  Receive results within 48-72 hours.
  • The appointment cost is $50.  The lab test cost is $150. We are not a clinic that files insurance nor does this lab so that we can keep cost down for our patients. The $50 will be paid upfront to hold your scheduled appointment time.  We will give you a link and code so that you can pay the lab directly for the test to come shipped directly to your home.
  • Our thoughts and prayers are with each and everyone of you and our hopes is that we all do our part to protect each other. Let’s stand together and get tested. Don’t guess let’s test!