Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Available HBOT for Dr. Samara’s patients through Patriot Clinics!

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy delivers more oxygen with more efficiency and efficacy to the areas of the body that are needing oxygen. Historically, this therapy has been and is still used for wound healing, especially diabetic wounds. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy delivers 15 times more oxygen than breathing normal room air. This increased oxygen tension kills bacteria; provides resistance to infection; promotes collagen production, new blood vessel growth, and skin regeneration. It is also FDA approved for brain injuries and non-healing wounds including those in the brain. Those people who have had strokes can benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy as well. Concussions and even “trivial” blows to the head can cause brain injury that may have insidious effects that can be misdiagnosed as fatigue, brain fog, depression or anxiety (these may be only symptoms of underlying cause).

Together, there are 13 FDA approved indications for hyperbaric oxygen treatment. But that does not mean that it has not showed benefits in reducing pain and eliminating the use of narcotics; reducing symptoms of PTSD, depression, and emotional disturbance. The process is simple— oxygen is used in over 5,769 cellular processes and turns on over 8,101 genes but normal pressure oxygen does not… and so the need for hyperbaric oxygen is priceless for your health. It quiets inflammatory process (that is the underlying culprit in most chronic ailments) and awakens the restorative mechanisms in your body to heal itself. Let me repeat: it QUIETS INFLAMMATORY PROCESS and AWAKENS THE RESTORATIVE MECHANISMS IN YOUR BODY TO HEAL ITSELF. This means it allows your brain and body to heal and repair what is injured— therefore, healing the cause and not treating SYMPTOMS. And medicine should be about treating the cause of the problem and not just “quieting” the symptom.


Patriot Clinics, Inc. is a non-profit charity clinic dedicated to providing effective medical treatment to injured veterans who have been unable to receive effective care. Their focus is on injured veterans and their family members in need. They also treat police officers, firefighters, tornado victims and victims of crime and civilians as we have space. The organization is focused on the scientific application of HBOT to all indications where it is helpful; especially the single most expensive public health problem in America – untreated brain insults. Because of Dr. Duncan’s extensive background in the public sector, Patriot Clinics and IHMA has been able to help federal and state governments save millions through improved diabetic foot treatment and through restoring lives of those with brain insults.