The Team


Ilona Samara, MD Functional Medicine Specialist

Ilona Samara, M.D. obtained her medical degree from the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine. Three years later, she graduated from Family Medicine and Preventive Health Residency at Health Sciences Center at the University of Oklahoma. She joined St. Anthony’s and has worked as a primary care physician for 9 years. It was during these years that she has experienced the frustration of not being able to provide the necessary tools for her patients’ road to wellness and understanding of their disease process.

She did not want to settle into this system and give in simply because “that’s just the way it is”. She embarked on a journey to find an effective medical approach to reversing chronic disease and doing something more than “just prescribing pills”. She wanted to be able to talk with patients about their lives, their obstacles, stress, sleep, and lifestyle habits, to truly understand their problems they are facing without the crippling time constraints in a conventional medicine model. She discovered through years of learning that the Functional Medicine approach is a way to provide medical care that is individualized, patient-centered, and effective! Functional medicine is emerging as a medical approach defining a state of health that is on a continuum with wellness on one end, and disease on the other.

Dr. Samara understands your needs at a personal level.  A few years ago, she started having some health issues herself. She knew that there was a reason why she was struggling with her health. She found out her health issues were caused by the toxic environment. Through her knowledge and training in Functional Medicine, she knew how to address the underlying cause. Dr. Samara knew then that she had to become an expert in Environmental Illness, using her knowledge of Functional Medicine in order to treat her patients. Patients come to Dr. Samara with diagnoses they have been given. And most believe that these diagnoses will last forever! But, Dr. Samara works on addressing the patients’ imbalances while paying attention to their physiological processes, genetic predispositions, and surrounding environmental influences. She identifies the dysfunction, or chronic disease, and its cause, which may be different for each person. However, she asks the question, “why?” that is often not asked. Instead of settling for the disease, she works towards reversing it and providing the means towards a functional body, mind, and spirit – and thus a road to wellness.

Pam Spurr, BSN, RN, Functional Nutrition Coach

Pam Spurr is a Functional Nutrition Coach and registered nurse, with over 30 years of nursing experience. We has always had a passion for helping people, and this passion

took a new turn when she discovered the concepts of Functional Medicine and the powerful potential of nutrition and lifestyle changes to improve health and applied

them to herself. Her own health journey helped her discover the power we all have over our own health and recovery and the importance of education, support and compassion

to help others learn how to thrive as well.   Pam knew that she had found a way to make a real difference in the lives of those struggling with their health. Through her unique background in acute care nursing, she has witnessed firsthand the

devastating effects of chronic illness on people’s lives and vitality, as well as the ineffectiveness of the current health care model in the successful treatment of these conditions. For acute illness and injury, our current approach is working. Chronic illness, however, is on the rise in devastating numbers for all age ranges, and our approach of trying to manage these conditions with more prescriptions without getting to the root

cause is clearly not working. People are getting sicker and the reality is that many of these chronic conditions are the result of the negative impacts of our lifestyle, nutritional choices, and other environmental factors.  Pam's goal for every client, is to educate, inspire, and empower them to engage and fully participate in their own healing to create the life they deserve. 


Bachelors of Science in Nursing – University of Oklahoma

Functional Nutrition Lab Full Body Systems Graduate – Andrea Nakayama, FNLP, MSN, CNC, CNE, CHHC, founder of Functional Nutrition Alliance Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach – Institute of Transformational Nutrition


Wendy Vermillion, Certified HeartMath Coach

Wendy Vermillion is a licensed HeartMath® Coach/Mentor and a certified Health Coach who specializes in teaching her clients how to handle stress, anxiety, and self-regulation, so that they can once again live purposeful and a joy-filled life. HeartMath® is a scientific tool that allows you to tune into and align the mind, body, and soul.  Having dealt with the stress of having a life-altering illness and an environmental illness it has given Wendy the passion to teach others how to transform their health and reduce the impact of stress. Becoming a certified HeartMath® Coach/Mentor taught her that, the heart has its own intelligence, but its own way of communication. HeartMath® has given her the tools to she needed to transform her life. Today Wendy offers individual services and small group programs.

Wendy is also our Patient Coordinator at NewLife Medicine and she would be happy to see if our clinic is a fit for you. 


Michelle Woll, LPC, LADC Reiki Master

Michelle Woll is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and Reiki Master. She practices mental/behavioral health and substance abuse counseling, energy healing, is multi-lingual, and employs a variety of techniques and approaches, including Energy Psychology and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.  Michelle graduated cum laude from Mississippi College’s CACREP accredited Counseling Psychology masters program in 2003, and relocated to Oklahoma shortly thereafter. Michelle has lived in Mississippi, Tennessee, and a few other states, but was raised primarily on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. It was there that she was immersed in Puerto-Rican culture, and became fluent in Spanish. She was raised speaking Portuguese and English at home, and spent summers visiting family in São Paulo, Brazil. 


In addition to being a licensed therapist, she is also a certified Reiki Master, and an avid student of alternative healing methods. Michelle balances her work helping others with raising three beautiful daughters, and caring for her Golden Retriever and two fat cats. Michelle is a firm believer in alternative methods to healing, holistic approaches to treatment, and living an active and healthy lifestyle as the foundation to good physical, mental, and emotional health. She is also a supporter of clean and healthy living, animal rights, sustainability and preserving the environment. 

About Us

Family Medicine/Functional Medicine

Dr. Samara has all the same training, rights and capabilities of all other Family Medicine Physicians regarding writing prescriptions, ordering labs, diagnostic testing if needed. In addition, she is committed to assisting you in finding the root causes of your health imbalance. She will assess your lifestyle factors such as nutrition, exercise, stress levels and the health of your relationships, while taking time to listen to YOU. She will inquire when and how your health issues first began, most often addressing your prenatal and childhood health. After carefully listening to YOUR story and taking all factors into consideration, you will leave your appointment with an effective and personalized treatment plan, equipped with tools to heal yourself.


I believe there is more to wellness than taking prescriptions and more to health care than simply treating illness or disease. I seek to help people gain the tools needed to improve their own ability to care for themselves using prevention, wellness programs, and health promotion. By treating the whole person, I empower my patients to take the lead in removing the obstacles that keep them from living the life they desire and having the health and vitality they deserve.   I am dedicated in finding the root cause and treat the cause and not just the symptoms.