The Team


Ilona Samara, MD

 Ilona Samara, M.D. is currently a member of American Academy of Family Physicians and the Institute for Functional Medicine that is associated with the Cleveland Clinic. She became Board Certified in Family Medicine in 2009. 

Pam Spurr, RN, Nutritional Health Coach

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Wendy Vermillion, Certified HeartMath Coach/Patient Coordinator

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About Us

Family Medicine/Functional Medicine

  Dr. Samara has all the same training, rights and capabilities of all other Family Medicine Physicians regarding writing prescriptions, ordering labs, diagnostic testing if needed. In addition, she is committed to assisting you in finding the root causes of your health imbalance. She will assess your lifestyle factors such as nutrition, exercise, stress levels and the health of your relationships, while taking time to listen to YOU. She will inquire when and how your health issues first began, most often addressing your prenatal and childhood health. After carefully listening to YOUR story and taking all factors into consideration, you will leave your appointment with an effective and personalized treatment plan, equipped with tools to heal yourself.


I believe there is more to wellness than taking prescriptions and more to health care than simply treating illness or disease. I seek to help people gain the tools needed to improve their own ability to care for themselves using prevention, wellness programs, and health promotion. By treating the whole person, I empower my patients to take the lead in removing the obstacles that keep them from living the life they desire and having the health and vitality they deserve.   I am dedicated in finding the root cause and treat the cause and not just the symptoms.